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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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president back in south florida the chairman of the cuban american national foundation who helped frame the content of the president's extraordinary speech, directly to cubans. >> when the people hear direct hi from the president of the united states, that we are not yoururbstacle that we are your friend that we are your al high, that we are here to trade with you, support you, help you build businesses, it breaks a mind set. >> and as he spoke inavana, obama tried to spread a message of shared values. >> for of offer owl differences, the cuban and american people share a common values in their own lives. a sense of patriotism, and a sense of pride. >> obama delivered the right words but congress must about. >> obama invites us to turn the panel and move on. but it is difficult, because the embargo is this, guantanamo is there, these are historic elements you cannot avoided
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we would like to, but you have take it off the table. >> americans and cube pans share a favorite passtime, baseball. cameras show a.m. and castro sitting side by side between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. the espn interviewed the president about his reasons for reaching out to an old cold war enemy in cuba. >> our beef is that if you have more americaning travels if you have more commerce, if you've got more interaction, if our ideas and our culture is penetrating this society, that over time that gives us more leverage to advocate for values we care about. >> before the game, obama met with disdents. >> i am not satisfied but i feel good because i was able to express how i feel. >> we are doing to talk more about the baseball game in just a moment,ith my colleague here, hatzel vela, but i thought
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magic city a shout out. he said you know this' a clear monument back in the united states that shows what the cuban people can build, and it is called miami. >> cheerily that is a message for south n n, for those in the compiled community, growing up in south florida you know and you quickly learn the history of cuban americans in miami. sort of the foundation, not only economically, but also culturally, for the folks back home for miami. and especial hi after 1959. >> yeah, and he talked about cuban ingin ingenuity, and how much there's so much talent here, and it it should be fostered let's talk baseball, you had a chance to see the rays take on the cuban national team, and i see you brought back a little something here. >> this is yo you switch from miami to tampa bay mind frame, are you going to wear senate. >> not right now, i will
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>> it was amazing. these are the real heros of this game, tampa bay winning 4-0. the cubans got a one -- at least one hit, at the 9th inning, but the game itself, calvin was so amazing the energy, in there, 50,000 people a lot of folks especially looking forward to seeing president obama in the a packed stadium with tight security, no doubt. but nothing could get in the way of baseball. a love affair for both america and cuba. >> and boy do they have a a long term relationship. >> it is a magical moment. >> father and son, mario and filepe know it too well. >> i am 57, my pops is 87, he raised all of us to be baseball players. it is really special to be here. >> we met them weeks ago when we
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t of cuban parents that came to cuban last in 1947. >> a lot of goodemories. >> yes, very good. in fact, baseball season was on, and it was buses overloaded you know, these are baseball people. >> this is his time back. >> an experience, the president deing here, also you know. it is something else. >> mario also born in tamba but with auban soul. >> this is their moment, this is our moment. >> an many earn with hope for his culturere and his people. >> you can see on their faces they are more hopeful than they have been in years. >> you stand in the crowds long enough, and both sides tell you th payable is great equalizer, like hi to bring the countries tot. >> maybe it is the beginning of something new. >> well, hennsy this was about
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have a moment here with a mill demonstration. >> this is what happened during the game, during a live report espn bob lee was interrupted by a political protestor, the man walked up on high's platform and thousand pam fleets in the airir he said we are part of the opposition, we are asking for the freedom of political prisoners down with the castros. which asks for rights and liberties and reforms in the cuban law to allow organization of more political parties. the cuban police came out nowhere and arrested six people on site. >> t so it is clear that not everybody y reed with the fact that this game was taking place here. >> no, and you saw the disdents, we talks to them and they expressed the hope that they have for their country. but sort of the -- i guess the sad part of seeing the president come here, and not do much on their behalf.
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mr. castro walk to the tarmac. and it seems like mr. castro was very fond of the president. as he saw him off. the president now heading to argentina,e is going to be this for a couple of days before heading back to washington. but certainly his mind shift had to shiftft after what happened in belgium today. but that is certainly the story from here, a lot more coming up tomorrow as well as on friday with the big concert. we have have a lot more coming up. he gets to cover thele aring stones here. >> next time. >> well, an estimated half million people will be showing up for that, can't wait to see it. lori and janine back to you. >> great work, and thank you. great to know you h stay there through the week to see the aftermath of the president. so important, kelvin and hatzel we will hook for you. >> and the rolling stone are coming to cuba.
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peop. the e gendary rock band a free concert that isn't anded to draw hundreds of thousands and local 10 will be there. >> now to the other big story of this day. three separate explosions heaving dozens dead in brussells, isis claiming responsibility for the terror attacks. >> the targets and airport, and subway station, and now a man hunt for at least one suspect is underway, and cities and airports around the world, they remain on alele. >> from the air and on the ground, the man hunt for a fugitive intensifying. with officials now revealing they discovered a third body at the airport which did not go off, and police confirming they are now searching for the man on the right in this picture. identified him as a suspect. from the brussells airport attack. >> too many people panicked. too many people cried. >> everybody was scared to everybody run. >> hundreds of terrified passengers ran for their hives
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and then inside a subway station in the heart of the city. these attacks coming just days after the arrest of a major suspect, in november's paris terror attacks. >> isis is very good at this sort of thing. they know how to march, and they have resources. >> isis taking responsibility, but in a show of solidarity, and defiance, streets of brussells are covered with messages of hope, and monuments around the world lit up in the color of the flag. a tribute for the victims including these americans from utah, now recovering. president obama also vowing support, condemned the attacks from havana cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to bring to freedom justs those that are responsibility. >> the country will ab serve three days of national mourning. >> a flight did hand in south florida tonight, on board belgiums and others visiting the
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those bombers detonatorred the explosives. our coverage continues lye at m.i.a., andrew? >> a family and friends they were just so overcome we motions here. think about it some of them didn't know if their loved ones made it on that plane safely, or if they were stuck at the airport. some telling us they were in themad zone shortly before this happened. >> a father and daughter reunited and in tears. i just want to go home already. >> relatives holding their loves ones a little tighter, many of these passengers passengers and their families they are now realizing the harsh and bitter truth, it left nearly nine minutes before a series of terror attacks. >> i woke up in morning think i put my mom on the night, because i pat her a ticket. and if she had gone today it was my fault. so you know -- never again.
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know if her mother made it safely on the plane, so for hours, many on the drowned waited for word while those onboard had no idea until they stopped in orlando. >> telephones just start ringing and then it spread out throughout the mane, and then we sue we about 20 cops outside. >> cell phones were jammed so we just had to wait. >> comfort seeing family and friends unharmed and okay, but this deadly day at a brussells airport, and subway station still hitting hard for many who wonder what is next. >> these are innocent people. it is a crazy world, what can i say. >> unbelievable, we know all those passengers they had to stop in n n fist for a few hours, they were there were security getting in touch with loved ones to let them know that they were okay we know security is here, we have seen a larger presence out here, as well, and we know that all the flights coming from that airport are real rather going to that
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to over airports. >> sew emotional. thank you, a safety alert, a sketch was released earlier of a man wanted for sexual battery and robbery. he is described as a man in his 30's. weighing about 175 pounds. less sayaye attacked a woman early hahs sunday, and he grabbed her as she walked ahonk the boulevard, a woman who lives nearby says she may have seen that suspect in the her neighborhood. >> i saw someone that ordinarily i wouldn't see down our block at first i startled me because i thought of the news of what we had seen, and he seemed to somewhat resemble that description. >> once again, this is a sketch of the man police are looking for, anyone with information should call miami dade cri stoners. >> lrning to vote 2016,
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the arizona republican and democrat primaries. and the democratic caucuses in idaho. a long lines reporting at pollution stations in all three states. very early results just coming in from arizona, donald trump and hillary clinton both have early leads. tune into the local 10 morning news and check out results updating all day long. >> we are continuing to follow our top story, belgium on high alert after those terror attacks heave dozens dead. >> tonight there is a man hunt for at least one suspect, keep it here as we get newew information. >> good morning, the president visit to cuba stirring up strong emotions with local sports figures how one is using his platform as a national voice. >> hello there, y yterday we were talking about temperatures dropping down to the fifth's, to start your tuesday, well,
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that's right. for cuba americans today's game was just not another game, and for one s sth n n sports personality it was special. that's because cuban heeder raul castro was with president obama right in the stanes. >> many are angry about the president's visit and so is e.s.f.n. dan live e r whose parents ned oppression on the island. >> he is known around the country for his off humorous takes on sports. but the president's visit to cube wayhas sured up a much different feeling, pain. >> it hurts to watch. strong emotions in south n n as major league team takes the field in cuba. >> seeing the president hugely comfortable at a cuban baseball stadium, waving, smiling, photo ops, it just hurts. >> he has been critical of the president's visit has used his mamaform as a national talk show host on espn radio, to be a
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when i talk about not trusting the government, the reasons for that are because my mother's phones were tapped. there were government spies in the neighborhood who would just come into our house whenever they wanted to. she was chased think the streets by militia, drags chains because she was going to the service of someone who had been killed by the government. >> marlins pitcher jose fernandez made his escape when he was 16-year-old on his fourth attempt. fernandez feels mixed emotions as a major league team takes the field in cuba. >> i think for the people to see a change i think that's the main goal here. and the baseball se, this' -- we all know this' a bunch of talent over there. so hopefully they can see how the big league marries go about it. >> the hope of fernandez and overleaf tar is that companying will come. though he has been outspoken at the we this trip has been
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do it. i am not against the game or the idea of bringing about change, i am against the idea of trusting the cuban government which has it's mood, has my people's blood on it's hands. i am againsthe idea of them being able to have all of this party without actually giving us something with sus stance in return. >> he just wants to make sure that whatever commerce the u.s. may zring in the futures up helping the people. he says right now he doesn't trust the government to make that happen. >> we want to give you a quick update, donald trump has won the arizona primary. arizina i do heave is a inwinner take all, so thi you go arizona winning arizona. also tonight a stoling truck, the miss in hot pursuit. >> that quickly turns dangerous, and the cameras are rolling. >> good evening south florida,
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you are traveling eastbound chose sures in mace right at 79ththvenue, instead you have to take 36th street. don't forget you can get your
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what >> one person washospitalized and two others arrests after a police chase caught on camera, miss say two suspects stole this pickup truck after putting a gun to the driver's head, then they led the police on a chase near houston that finally ended when the truck slammed into another ca the driver of that car had to be hospitalized and one suspe@t inside the truck was ejected. both suspects in the end were taken down.
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tuesday night, it was pretty refreshing out there i thought. >> breezy. julie is here to give us the low down on ts midweek, you can see some changes coming. >> indeed, i have to tell you today felt like january. nobody would have believed it was the end of march. we are hanging on to every little bit of this cool air mass that has settled in, but is also going to be moving out, let's take a hook at how the day shaped up. we woke up to tempetures well below average, a high of 76 degrees also below normal. we should be seeing the 60's and that's where we will be tomorrow morning with highs returning to the lower 80's. where we ould be this time of year, so we will get a chance of where the normal highs andh lows are for one day before we start to see our temperatures soar by the end of the week. not only will we will warmer but we will also be wetter, soo enjoy the forecast tomorrow as well. cheerily temperatures are in the upper 60's. hello there in pompano beach. 71 in marathon. 68n kendal. winds moving in off the ocean,
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the shift in the wind direction, that east breeze anywhere between seven to 15 miles per hour. we still have high pressure in place, but where it is located compared to yesterday is pushing off the coast. that always provides for a clockwise wind pattern, and where it is locate willed continue to bring up warm conditions ahead of our next storm system that is really setting up over the rockies. bringing a lot of snow for that, and for us we h continue to be warm and breezy going into weesday. even a slight chance of a shower going into tomorrow morning a better chance of tropical mobile is forecasted to move into south florida, by thursday afternoon, into thursday evening ahead of that next storm system. that is going to keep us unsettled. let's check out here is your seven-day forecast. it will be warmer, wetter,s a rain dun return more widespread. good friday can be wet for the services, especially going into easter sunday, you will need to keep those umbrellas handy,
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>> all right, jummy, good to have you in, a potential plow out getting close per comfort in h the fourth quarter,, we will show you who played the here error for the heat next. >> julie, cheh, clay, julie, say hi, first here is tonight's winning cash three, play now, fantasy five and your lucky money numbers, oh, they are
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i wish that was on camera. >> it was vital for the heat to get a win tonight. with their two best players out, and the spurs waiting for miami tomorrow, the heat j jt had to get this one. dwayne wade and company, trying to take e re of business in the big easy the heat taking control early, going to thousand it up. 24 points 14 rebounds, second quarr now it is two. he had a big lead most of the night, but wade puts it away, he goes for 25 to heed the heat. and now, it is on to san antonio. >> everybody knows about the crowd and the home rord. and just trying to to in and get a tough road win.
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>> 35 and zero at home. now back to that historic game between the rays and the national team. fourth inning with a two run home run, making it 3-0 tampa bay at that point. they would hold theational team scoreless until the 9t9tuntil rudy reyes chains that but that is how it would end, tampa bay winning this 14-1 on a day where baseball was kind of a place for everybody to gatener the final score. >> absolutely, and you know maybe hatzel will bring bat hats for all of us. >> i want a rolling stone hat too. >> oh y yh, definitely. >> wouldn't we all love to be at that concert. >> so clay, you know julie. >> yes, finally, yes. >> you never get to work together. >> no, i am always asleep, and i would hope you are always asheep when we arep. >> shifts passing in the night, so it is fun. >> indeed, thank you for having me, it's been great. >> thank you for being here. >> what do you think the morning holds. >> a slight chance of a shower,
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so again, you may not want me here by thursday night, and friday. >> we will take you, good news or bad, thank you for joining us, sleep firefighter. >> hi, i'm chris harrison, your host of the all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." this season, we're changing things up-- no m me easy answers, no more shortcuts, just a single player answering the question, "who wants to be a millionaire?" [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] thank you. welcome to the show. everybody ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] having hosted over 2,000 trivia nights in new york city over the last ten years, today's first contestant is appropriately called "the king of tvia." we'll find out. from astoria, new york, please welcome tony hightower. [cheers and applause] what's up, tony? pleasure to meet you, pleasure. >> this is great.


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